Welcome to Real Genius Productions

Real Genius ProductionsReal Genius Productions is an independent, creative film company committed to high quality, low budget productions that take full advantage of the new technologies in this digital age of filmmaking. In conjunction with October Harvest Productions, Real Genius has produces high quality films under $30,000 budgets, proving that more money does not insure better quality and that it is the content of the movie, not the bank account, that makes the production.

Paranormal Parody

PARANORMAL PARODY (Official Site) is completed and available for sale in iTunes. PARANORMAL PARODY is a horror spoof of the internet sensation PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, shot on location September 2010 in San Rafael, California for less than $8,000. Working in conjunction with October Harvest Productions, PARANORMAL PARODY is currently available for sale on iTunes in North America and will be available soon in other markets.

The Soc Hop

The Soc HopTHE SOC HOP (IMDB) is currently in post production. THE SOC HOP is a high quality independent horror film shot on location August 2007 in Northern California for under $30,000. Working in conjunction with October Harvest Productions, THE SOC HOP will be ready for distribution in Spring 2012.

Killer Koalas

Killer KoalasKILLER KOALAS is currently in pre production. KILLER KOALAS is an ultra low budget production scheduled to be shot in Summer 2012 in Northern California.